08 September 2008


  • I created a little space on the web for the ones who want to write a message about the person who love, who misses, who want to excuse, who want to be excused, which you do not want to lose it... or just say "I love you, John. Signed Jennifer. Texas USA".
  • Prove it that you love him even this way...

  • I am taking this very seriously and i will post every email in 24 hours.
  • If you dot want to email me just write a nice comment with a subject here and I will make a post from it.
  • Say your nickname and your message.
  • I will not post your email adress, but only if you want to I will post it if you include it in the message body.
  • Tell you friends if you want about the blog so they can read the message.
  • Other people may comment and help you with thoughts.
  • Other links related to your message approved.
  • All languages.

  • Email me : weirdyen@gmail.com

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